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Welcome to MAAM's Industry Partner Showcase! Companies and firms listed here support the 2020 MAAM Virtual Annual Meeting. Browse through the listings to see if their services might be a good fit for you or your museum!
Photo of Aria Strategies, LLC
Contact: Aria Camaione-Lind
Home Rochester NY 14920 Home Phone: 585-461-0752 Home Phone: 585-319-6007 Website: Website Website: Project List Website: Apple Podcast–Amplify Good Website: Spotify– Amplify Good Website: Sticher–Amplify Good Website: Amazon Music–Amplify Good Website: Subscribe on an Android phone:

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Our firm provides mission-driven solutions for nonprofits. We help organizations build capacity through our areas of practice and associated services.
We support your organization to live its mission.

Amplify Good Podcast: Amplify Good is a podcast that explores the good things people are doing to improve society. Listen in as we talk to super cool people from all walks of life to learn how they do good each day, how they affect change and stand up for what’s right. We explore how they fold their values into their work and create goodness outside of work hours, and how they balance the urgency of good work against being present for their own lives. Join Aria Camaione-Lind and her team each month as they talk with the people doing good in their communities!

Amplify Good Blog: Our blog is a way to connect with our current and prospective clients, as well as not-for-profit professionals in general. This space gives us the means to connect with our wider community, engage in conversation, spot light some of our stellar clients, pass along knowledge we’ve picked up along the way and let you know a little bit more about us. We also feature blog “takeovers” from BIPOC guest writers who participate in Freedom and Liberation work.

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Photo of CatalogIt
Contact: Joy Tahan Ruddell

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CatalogIt: Imagine Loving Your CMS

CatalogIt is a full featured, powerful, collaborative and intuitive software platform for all types of collections. CatalogIt empowers your museum to bring to life the story of things through the histories, creative processes, relationships and destinies of your objects and collections. As a cloud-based CMS, CatalogIt reduces administrative costs and empowers your staff/volunteers to collaborate simultaneously – securely viewing and editing your records anywhere, anytime, on mobile and desktop devices. Included with a subscription is the CatalogIt HUB, an easy web publishing platform for quickly and selectively publishing your collections making them publicly discoverable and searchable.

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Work 4506 Hollins Ferry Road Baltimore MD 21227 Home Phone: 800-553-3405 Website: Water Mist and Hybrid Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems Website: How we serve Museums and Cultural Facilities

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Fireline is an expert in fire alarm and suppression for museums and cultural facilities. We offer solutions intended to minimize impact to facilities and artifacts in the event of fire. Many of America’s most treasured cultural facilities trust Fireline for fire detection and suppression.

Museums and cultural facilities provide unique fire protection challenges. Many of these facilities were constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries and they are especially vulnerable to fire. Facilities constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries, they are especially vulnerable to fire. Because they are historically significant, fire is a constant concern. Maintaining authentic period architecture while installing modern fire protection features is a major challenge. Fire protection systems in historical facilities must be as unobtrusive as possible. Simply put, sprinkler heads and smoke detectors must not detract from the original architecture and design while at the same time quickly detecting and suppressing a fire.

Fireline has worked with many notable historical facilities to upgrade their fire protection systems. We have installed water mist fire suppression systems interfaced with fire alarm and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) early warning smoke detection. Water mist suppression systems use 70%-90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems and are more effective extinguishing fires. Using significantly less water protects the facility and artifacts from damage or destruction not caused by fire.

VESDA systems provide smoke detection far more quickly than standard spot smoke detection and the detection ports are extremely difficult to see from ground level. This enables curators to maintain authentic period architecture while allowing cutting edge technology to detect smoke almost before it can be seen.

Fireline Corporation is the leader in fire protection for museums and cultural facilities.

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Photo of Gecko Group
Contact: Kathy Hughes
Work 211 W Chestnut St West Chester PA 19380 Work Phone: (610) 430-0305 Website: Homepage

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Our work is based on a strong commitment to collaboration and successful outcomes with uncompromised creativity.

Any good communications design firm will deliver creative solutions.
That’s not enough…

Gecko Group believes in the power of a good conversation. We start the dialog by asking questions of our clients. Then, of course, we listen. Not just to the words they say. We want to be sure we hear where they’re coming from. What are the real issues hidden just below the surface? What are the intangibles unspoken, but inferred? These are the insights that help us help our clients communicate clearly and in the right voice. Yes, we’re designers, but we’re communicators first. We should talk.

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Work 1232 Chancellor St Philadelphia PA 19107 Work 414 Fayetteville St Raleigh NC 27601 Work Phone: 215-958-0400 Work Phone: 919-335-4601 (NC Office) Website: Home Page Website: View our Cultural & Museums Services and Clients

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We are in the business of transformation. Together with our clients and partners, we envision spaces where people are freed to work more productively, make discoveries, and live healthier and more joyful lives.

We love what we do. And we work not just for the love of architecture and design, but to satisfy our calling to improve the quality of life in our communities, both today and in the sustainable future. Our process is collaborative by design.

We value and develop long-term partnerships with clients across a broad range of industries and institutions. By leveraging the design intelligence of the group, and making connections across industries and disciplines, we see farther than any of us could alone. That’s how innovation happens.

We have a culture that values responsiveness, hard work, creative problem solving and design excellence, and a respect for the environment we inhabit. We are able and responsible designers and partners, creating environments that we need and use, supporting the life of our community.

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Photo of Lucidea
Contact: Lara Abou El Saad
Work 1115, 13560 Maycrest Way Richmond BC V6V 2W9 Canada Work Phone: 604-278-6717–Vancouver HQ Work Phone: 781-938-4444– Boston Office Website: Learn More about Argus Website: Download e-Books Website: Read Success Stories Website: Enjoy “Think Clearly” Blog Posts Written by Museum Experts Website: IPad Giveaway Website: Programs and Incentives

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Great Client Partnerships
Lucidea is the largest provider of market-leading knowledge management, collections management and library automation solutions used by the world’s leading corporations, government agencies, nonprofits, professional services firms, archives, and museums, with more than 3,000 active clients in over 50 countries.

The Argus Museum CMS
Argus is Lucidea’s web-based, highly configurable collections management system purpose-built to satisfy diverse curatorial and visitor engagement requirements, ensuring collections are accessible, visible and relevant.

Delighted Visitors
Museums of all sizes and budgets use Argus to provide virtual access (all browsers, all devices) to objects and exhibits via a web portal, and provide in-depth documentation—delivering content in context and offering the absorbing and inspiring experience visitors deserve.

Imaginative, innovative, immersive
With Argus, Lucidea delivers unrivaled collections management to museums of all sizes and budgets—and, through its archival CMS, ArchivEra, to archives—enabling Imaginative, innovative, immersive visitor engagement.

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Photo of MCA Architecture
Contact: Peter Trozze
Work 2031 Clipper Park Road Suite 105 Baltimore MD 21211 USA Work Phone: 410.532.3131 Website:

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We are award-winning designers, planners, programmers, sustainability gurus, community leaders, data organizers, business professionals, BIM managers, building code experts, spreadsheet jockeys, evidence-based designers, and more. In short – a diverse group of innovative professionals. What bonds us together is our commitment to design excellence, client service, ingenuity, communication, collaboration, and integrity. We combine our distinct talents to discover unique solutions to each client challenge. Our mandate for every person on every project is simple: Do the Right Thing.

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Work 1684 Victoria St Baldwin NY 11510 Work Phone: (516) 238-2797 Website: Home Page Website: Free Exhibit Resources Website: Blog-ExhibiTricks Website: Museum Exhibit Gallery & Portfolio of Work Website: POW! YouTube (Museum FAQ videos)

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Paul Orselli Workshop (POW!) specializes in museum exhibit design and development. We create experiences that are engaging, educational, and fun! From our headquarters on Long Island, New York we serve our clients throughout the world.

We know how to turn your great ideas into even better exhibits!

Contact us today so we can start working together on your next project!

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Work 29 C St Laurel MD 20707 Work Phone: (301) 470-4748 Website: Home Page Website: Check out our portfolio of our work! Website: About Quatrefoil

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We plan, design and build highly engaging informal learning spaces ranging from exhibitions and immersive media environments to real world encounters beyond the museum walls. Our work has touched and engaged visitors to museums, science centers, and cultural heritage sites across the country for nearly 30 years. Our designers use a broad range of strategies, tools and techniques to take projects from concept to reality.

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Work PO Box 4 Otsego Cooperstown NY 13326 USA Work Phone: 607-547-2586 Website:

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The Cooperstown Graduate Program is proud to be like no other. We train creative, entrepreneurial museum leaders committed to generating programs and services for the public good. Our students learn by doing tangible, useful work on real-world projects. They dedicate themselves to developing institutions that play a central role in their communities, encouraging broad public audiences to use artifacts and the study of science, art, and history as a catalyst for social change.

Students choose to focus on one of two tracks during their time at CGP: Science Museum Studies and History Museum Studies. Both tracks have a generalist curriculum, so students explore many aspects of museum work.

Our students benefit from small class sizes and a high faculty to student ratio. This allows students to get to know and work closely with professors, who are leaders and innovators in the field. Although CGP itself is a small program, as an academic division of SUNY College at Oneonta students also have access to the resources of a much larger state university.

We love to connect with prospective students, professionals in the field, alumni, or anyone interested in museum studies! Follow us on Twitter and check out our Facebook page.

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Photo of Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Cultural, Museums, Zoos, & Aquariums Contact: Jessica Traub
Work 300 East Joppa Road Baltimore MD 21286 Work Phone: 410-427-8906 Website: Museum Projects and Portfolio

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Whiting-Turner has managed construction in the cultural industry for decades. We have completed projects across the nation for museums, zoos, and aquariums, religious facilities, performing arts, libraries, and community centers and undertand the complexities of working on these sensitve projects. We bring the specific expertise to these projects to build high-quality, engaging establishments that enhance each guest’s experience.

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PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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