How is Cornerstone™ organized?

Each program will focus on a single topic. The program begins at 10:00 AM and will end at approximately 3:00 PM. A lunch break for networking is provided from Noon to 12:30 PM.

How much will the program cost?

MAAM has set a pricepoint of $45.00 per venue to attend. Registration is by fax only and payment must be received at the time of registration.

How do I register?

Registration must be completed by fax.  You can find the registration form on the event listing page.  Only those who pay at the time of registration can secure confirmed attendance. Space is limited and prospective participants will be notified when capacity has been reach and if a wait-list is available. If paying by check, please attach a copy of the check with the registration form and mail immediately.

What is included in my registration fee?

The educational offerings are largely dependent on the venue and any additional sponsorship of the topic/program. Therefore, MAAM cannot guarantee that lunch or refreshments will be provided. Information about lunch options will be announced for each program. Parking is largely dependent on the venue’s ability to both provide either spaces or complimentary parking. Each program and venue will offer varying degrees of additional benefits.

How many people will attend each event?

Based on our research and expectations, MAAM expects approximately 25-30 museum professionals at each venue. Some topics may require larger spaces to accommodate interest but we do want to keep the ability to network viable and therefore would not expect more than 50 participants.

How do you determine venues?

Some of our initial topics were derived from member feedback. In our planning, some logical conclusions of venue became evident as we selected our initial topics. We encourage museums or other institutions from anywhere in the MAAM region, capable of hosting 30 or more participants from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM to contact Michael Cagno,

Why is MAAM launching Cornerstone™?

Our objective is to hold a series of events within a 2-hour drive of various constituencies throughout the MAAM states. If we can host 6-8 events per year, we expect that we can reach almost all corners of the MAAM map and achieve visibility to all members throughout the year and provide important content and networking throughout the region.

What if a Cornerstone™ topic that is presented is of interest to me and I am unable to attend either because the venue is too far away or I have a schedule conflict?

We do expect that the topics will be of interest to everyone in the region. MAAM would like to offer some content multiple times [in other words: repeat] throughout the region. Currently, there is not plan to record the sessions or conduct them via webinar.

How can I host Cornerstone™?

If your venue can accommodate 30 or more participants and fulfill the following requirements at no cost to MAAM, please contact Michael Cagno,

• 30 seat classroom or rounds from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM [not including set-up/clean up times]
• Allow food and beverage in the classroom from the host’s cafeteria or allow attendees to bring their own.
• Provide an LCD Projector and Screen
• Provide access to a cafeteria or provide lunch and refreshments*
• Provide adequate parking at no or low cost, or provide a convenient or nearby alternative
• Be within 2 hours of enough participants to make the event viable
• Have a primary contact for attendees and MAAM staff to correspond with, welcome attendees, and distribute information and materials provided by MAAM.

*If no cafeteria is available, then the venue must allow for attendees to be able to bring their own food and beverage.
Host venue staff will not be charged a fee to attend the program.

How can I sponsor Cornerstone™?

All events have a cost associated with them and there is no better opportunity to sponsor one or all of these events. Each Cornerstone™ event will need additional dollars to support it. Please contact the MAAM’s Executive Director for more information.

Sponsorship of a single event begins at $500.00 with discounts for multiple sponsorships. MAAM will publicize each event to its email marketing list of over 2,000 unique email addresses at least twice per month for each event, providing excellent visibility to your company or institution. In addition, attendee rosters will be provided to sponsors and corporate marketing materials may be distributed to the attendees at the host venue, if permitted by the host.

How can I lead a Cornerstone™ program?

Please fill Michael Cagno,

Upcoming Programs

PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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