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Grant Opportunity: Civic Engagement Through Literature

Have you heard of the NEA Big Read? Studies show that reading for pleasure heightens empathy, makes us more active and aware citizens, and, according to a new study in The Guardian, bridges an ever-increasing partisan divide. The NEA Big Read is an initiative that supports approximately 75 community reading programs every year, each designed around a single book in the NEA Big Read library, with themes such as racism, immigration, multiculturalism, work, art, family relationships, and surviving an apocalypse. Grants range from $5,000-$20,000. Eligible applicants include arts centers, housing authorities, community organizations, historical societies, environmental organizations, trade associations, faith-based organizations, museums, school districts, and tribal governments. Grantees are provided with resources, outreach materials, and training on various aspects such as working with local partners, developing public relations strategies, and leading book discussions and Q&As. Guidelines for 2017-18 are now available. Join us for a public webinar about the books on November 16th, at 3 pm ET.



Getty Leadership Institute


Online: March 6-11, 2017

Residency: March 27-April 1, 2017



NextGen 2017 is a blended-learning experience for the museum field's emerging top talent. The program is designed for mid-level staff with three to five years of museum management experience and extraordinary leadership potential as recognized by senior-level executives.


The program blends one week of online learning and one week of residency in a collegial environment at CGU. The curriculum is intensive, while also offering time for self-reflection and practical application of materials and concepts. Participants examine their individual leadership styles, team dynamics, institutional needs and perspectives, and the future of the museum field.


For more information, and to apply, visit:


GLI 2017

Online: May 15-27, 2017

Residency in Claremont, California: June 9-24, 2017


The renowned Executive Education Program for Museum Leaders is entering its 38th year. The program is designed to help experienced top-level executives become better leaders to strengthen their institutions' capabilities and advance the field.


This intensive management program is for CEOs, Directors, COOs, and senior-level museum executives who influence policy, effect change, and are in the first two to seven years of their position. Program participants take four weeks of intensive courses that address current trends and challenges in the museum field. The program blends two weeks online and two weeks of residency at CGU, and

includes practicum sessions at Los Angeles area institutions. Academically rigorous, the program emphasizes leadership, strategy, organizational culture, and change management.


For more information, and to apply, visit:


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