Building Museums™ Symposium

Call for Sessions:

The Building Museums™ Program Committee invites you to submit a session for the upcoming Symposium. We are looking for sessions that provide a clear and focused discussion of a specific project, bring a diverse range of multi disciplinary participants to the table to exchange views, and can stimulate questions and conversations among the attendees. Presentations on smaller scale projects are encouraged, and for projects that are larger in scale, relating that experience to smaller projects would be of value to the symposium’s expected audience.

Click here to view the official call for session proposals and required criteria for proposals.

Submission deadline is Friday, October 1, 2021 at 5:00 pm your local time.

Buildy Award Nominations:

MAAM recognizes institutions whose construction projects demonstrate high achievement in the areas of planning, implementation, and survival with the Buildy Award at the the Building Museums™ Symposium each year.

A Buildy Award nominee museum must have completed a museum-related construction project within the five-year period 2015-2021, and the project must have been substantially complete and opened or re-opened to the general public for at least one year prior to the submission deadline date of October 1, 2021.

View Criteria for Nominations here.

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About the Symposium


The symposium is organized under three inter-related themes: Vision, Implementation, and Sustainability (or Life after Opening) . The content of each day will reflect these themes across a broad range of museum sizes and scales, budgets, scope of building projects, disciplines, and collecting vs. non-collecting institutions.


This symposium is for architects, museum leaders, planners, project managers, technical experts, and all those who plan or implement new construction, renovation, or expansion projects for museums. Whether your institution is a small historic site under renovation, a mid-sized art museum planning an expansion, or a large children’s museum building a new facility, this symposium is for you.

Building Museums™ is an annual international symposium created, produced and managed by the Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums [MAAM] but is open to everyone with an interest in this important topic.


Attending the symposium will provide you the opportunity to:

  • Better understand the process of planning, implementing, and surviving new construction, renovation, or expansion projects
  • Examine case studies, current trends, topical issues, and specific projects related to building projects across a broad range of museum sizes and scales, budgets, scope of building projects, diversity of disciplines, and collecting vs. non-collections-holding institutions
  • Actively discuss museum building projects with other museum professionals, architects, planners, project managers, and technical experts to better inform the process of building
  • Access resources for architectural firms, consultants, museum projects, and museum leaders
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