Annual Meeting 2023

Hotel DuPont
Wilmington, Delaware
October 10-12, 2023

Authentic Voice/Authentic Experience

Museums influence who we are and how we see ourselves. In the midst of a severely polarized nation,  museums are among our greatest assets in supporting democracy, showcasing identity, and promoting  equality. Museum professionals provide opportunities for meaningful experiences, accurate habitats, honest  debates, and first-person stories. Museums are places where people can have difficult discussions and  fearlessly address past problems. They can be places of tranquility and joy that celebrate our creativity and  innovation and at the same time teach us of the dark conflicts that have defined us. 

As we approach the America 250 commemorations in 2026, how do we make museums more equitable and  tell a full, complete and inclusive history of our country? Turning a critical lens inward, how do we change past,  outdated policies? How do we create active, relevant, decolonized collections? How do we become more  community oriented? How do we authentically share the difficult stories as well as the joy? What models can  we share that make museums more equitable places to work? Join us for round tables, panels, workshops  and tours that focus on projects both completed and in-progress as we explore our journey together.


Download the 2023 Final Program here

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