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Welcome to MAAM's Industry Partner Showcase! Companies and firms listed here supported the 2023 MAAM Annual Meeting. Browse through the listings to see if their services might be a good fit for you or your museum!
Photo of Becker & Frondorf
Contact: Beth Van Why
1500 Walnut Street Suite 1910 Philadelphia PA 19102 Home Phone: (215) 772-1400 Website: Becker & Frondorf

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Becker & Frondorf provides two professional consulting services: Owner’s Representation and Independent Cost Estimating. We specialize in Museum Project Management, understanding visitor experience, the complexities of exhibit design and fabrication, and the intricacies of installing priceless artifacts.

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820 North French Street Wilmington DE 19801 Home Phone: 302-577-8280 Website: Delaware Division of the Arts

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The Delaware Division of the Arts, a branch of the Delaware Department of State, is committed to supporting the arts and cultivating creativity to enhance the quality of life in Delaware. Together with its advisory body, the Delaware State Arts Council, the Division administers grants and programs that support arts programming, educate the public, increase awareness of the arts, and integrate the arts into all facets of Delaware life.

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4506 Hollins Ferry Road Baltimore MD 21227 Home Phone: 800-553-3405 Website: Fireline Corporation

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Fireline is an expert in fire alarm and suppression for museums and cultural facilities. We offer solutions intended to minimize impact to facilities and artifacts in the event of fire. Many of America’s most treasured cultural facilities trust Fireline for fire detection and suppression.

Museums and cultural facilities provide unique fire protection challenges. Many of these facilities were constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries and they are especially vulnerable to fire. Facilities constructed during the 18th and 19th centuries, they are especially vulnerable to fire. Because they are historically significant, fire is a constant concern. Maintaining authentic period architecture while installing modern fire protection features is a major challenge. Fire protection systems in historical facilities must be as unobtrusive as possible. Simply put, sprinkler heads and smoke detectors must not detract from the original architecture and design while at the same time quickly detecting and suppressing a fire.

Fireline has worked with many notable historical facilities to upgrade their fire protection systems. We have installed water mist fire suppression systems interfaced with fire alarm and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) early warning smoke detection. Water mist suppression systems use 70%-90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems and are more effective extinguishing fires. Using significantly less water protects the facility and artifacts from damage or destruction not caused by fire.

VESDA systems provide smoke detection far more quickly than standard spot smoke detection and the detection ports are extremely difficult to see from ground level. This enables curators to maintain authentic period architecture while allowing cutting edge technology to detect smoke almost before it can be seen.

Fireline Corporation is the leader in fire protection for museums and cultural facilities.

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Photo of G&A
Contact: Gretchen Coss
494 8th Avenue 11th Floor New York NY 10001 Work Phone: (301) 467-1154 Website: G&A

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With a focus on both physical and digital spaces, we integrate experience design and media with the physical environment to produce immersive storytelling experiences that engage, entertain and create measurable impact. We provide informed strategic services with a touch of disruptive creative execution. Our work delivers a harmony between technology, narrative, and physical design. We are the multidisciplinary firm equipped to bring your project from idea to reality.

Categories: Design, Graphic Design, Planning
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Photo of Gecko Group
Contact: Kathy Hughes
211 W Chestnut St West Chester PA 19380 Work Phone: (610) 430-0305 Website: Homepage

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Our work is based on a strong commitment to collaboration and successful outcomes with uncompromised creativity.

Any good communications design firm will deliver creative solutions.
That’s not enough…

Gecko Group believes in the power of a good conversation. We start the dialog by asking questions of our clients. Then, of course, we listen. Not just to the words they say. We want to be sure we hear where they’re coming from. What are the real issues hidden just below the surface? What are the intangibles unspoken, but inferred? These are the insights that help us help our clients communicate clearly and in the right voice. Yes, we’re designers, but we’re communicators first. We should talk.

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Photo of Glenmede
Contact: Samantha Audia
1650 Market Street Philadelphia PA 19103 Home Phone: 215-419-6038 Website: Glenmede

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Since our inception in 1956, Glenmede has earned a reputation as a dedicated and dynamic Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. We were established to serve in perpetuity as Trustee and investment manager for The Pew Charitable Trusts, one of America’s largest charities. We formally opened to new clients, including museums and historical societies, in 1978, enabling those institutions to benefit from the sophisticated investment strategies and asset allocations designed to preserve principal, achieve capital appreciation and generate appropriate returns to further their missions. Today, our 250+ endowment and foundation relationships benefit from investment experience accrued over years of sophisticated endowment-style management, a culture of continuous improvement, and a shared set of values and interests. Unaffected by the ongoing consolidations within the financial industry, Glenmede remains large enough to be consequential yet focused on delivering customized services.

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1232 Chancellor St Philadelphia PA 19107 Work Phone: 215-958-0400 Work Phone: 919-335-4601 (NC Office) Website: JacobsWyper Architects Website: View our Cultural & Museums Services and Clients

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We are in the business of transformation. Together with our clients and partners, we envision spaces where people are freed to work more productively, make discoveries, and live healthier and more joyful lives.

We love what we do. And we work not just for the love of architecture and design, but to satisfy our calling to improve the quality of life in our communities, both today and in the sustainable future. Our process is collaborative by design.

We value and develop long-term partnerships with clients across a broad range of industries and institutions. By leveraging the design intelligence of the group, and making connections across industries and disciplines, we see farther than any of us could alone. That’s how innovation happens.

We have a culture that values responsiveness, hard work, creative problem solving and design excellence, and a respect for the environment we inhabit. We are able and responsible designers and partners, creating environments that we need and use, supporting the life of our community.

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Photo of Marshall Craft Associates
Contact: Olivia Jacobson-McKelvie
2031 Clipper Park Road Suite 105 Baltimore MD 21211 USA Work Phone: 410-532-3131 Website: Marshall Craft Associates

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Marshall Craft Associates, Inc. provides full-service architectural planning, design and facilities management assistance services.

A dynamic architecture firm with a hard-earned reputation for reliably. We provide high-quality, technically advanced, solutions-based design—in all of our areas of expertise. Our teams work with remarkable clients who are leaders in their fields: Cultural + Civic, Historic + Adaptive Reuse, and Private Enterprise, k-12 and Higher Education, Healthcare, Federal Government, Science + Research.

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Photo of Milestone Systems
Contact: Christina Diaz
5300 Meadows Road, Suite 400 Lake Oswego Oregon 97035 Home Phone: 971-336-4109 Website: Milestone Systems, Inc.

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Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 150,000 sites worldwide, providing flexible choices in network hardware and integrations with other systems. Sold through partners in more than 100 countries, Milestone solutions help organizations to manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes and reduce costs. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. For more information visit:

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform IP video management software. We help organizations manage risks, protect people and assets, optimize processes, and reduce costs. Visit

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Photo of Monadnock Media
Contact: Alan Hoff
59 North Street Hatfield MA 01038 Home Phone: 413-247-6447 Website: Monadnock Media

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Our Philosophy

At Monadnock, we choose projects that allow us to tell stories that celebrate and uplift unheard voices. We seek to diversify the narratives people experience in museums and historic sites. And we challenge ourselves to think and act in ways that reflect a commitment to racial equity and social justice, both personally and professionally.

Our People

Everyone at Monadnock loves museums. In fact, museum media is all we do. And we enjoy our work, especially the collaborative process. In every project we strive to open up hearts and minds to the diversity and complexity of the human experience.

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Website: Purple Cow Careers

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Purple Cow Career and Talent Development provides career coaching and talent development for clients from a range of fields, including museums, arts and culture, education, non-profit, federal service, and the corporate sector. Coaching clients are mid-career professionals making a career transition or rebounding from a job loss, senior-level colleagues looking to advance to the executive level or manage career transition, or emerging professionals looking to get a start in their careers. For organizations, Purple Cow offers guidance on culture alignment, projects, team dynamics, and strategic initiatives to help your people and your organization shine.

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315 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19106 Home Phone: 215-873-8290 Website: Science History Institute

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Science is all around us. It shapes who we are and what we do, from the clothes we wear and the phones we carry, to the food we eat and the water we drink. But science has a past—a rich and often surprising past that reveals the origins of ideas and innovations that impact our daily lives.

The Science History Institute collects, preserves, interprets, and shares that past by exploring lesser-known and sometimes overlooked stories from the history of science and technology. And we don’t just mean discoveries made in laboratories. We dive deep into the history of scientific successes and failures, with a focus on expanding knowledge and broadening our understanding of how science and society intersect.

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PO Box 4 Otsego Cooperstown NY 13326 USA Work Phone: 607-547-2586 Website: The Cooperstown Graduate Program

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The Cooperstown Graduate Program is proud to be like no other. We train creative, entrepreneurial museum leaders committed to generating programs and services for the public good. Our students learn by doing tangible, useful work on real-world projects. They dedicate themselves to developing institutions that play a central role in their communities, encouraging broad public audiences to use artifacts and the study of science, art, and history as a catalyst for social change.

Students choose to focus on one of two tracks during their time at CGP: Science Museum Studies and History Museum Studies. Both tracks have a generalist curriculum, so students explore many aspects of museum work.

Our students benefit from small class sizes and a high faculty to student ratio. This allows students to get to know and work closely with professors, who are leaders and innovators in the field. Although CGP itself is a small program, as an academic division of SUNY College at Oneonta students also have access to the resources of a much larger state university.

We love to connect with prospective students, professionals in the field, alumni, or anyone interested in museum studies! Follow us on Twitter and check out our Facebook page.

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Photo of The HR Sage
Contact: Wendy Luke
800 25th St NW, Suite 605 Washington DC 20037 Home Phone: 202-234-3388 Website: The HR Sage

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Because the big problems are always people problems…

Healthy and Healing Culture

  • Leadership recognizes, communicates, and acts on topics and issues that erode a healthy and healing culture
  • Staff at all levels attend interactive workshops and apply what they learn
  • Staff actively participate in and contribute to a healthy and healing culture

Executive and Leadership Coaching

  • Balance individuals’ needs so they can balance the needs of others
  • Improve a key employee’s performance
  • 360-degree and 720-degree performance assessments

Coaching: Profiles

  • Performance coaching and management
  • Keeping staff motivated, engaged, and moving forward
  • Mitigating poor performance

Team Development

  • Playing better together
  • Organizations growing from adolescence to adulthood
  • Succession planning – smoother transitions


  • Management, career and staff development
  • Resiliency
  • Trust, vulnerability, and difficult conversations

Change Management

  • Creating an environment that supports change
  • Vision/Mission/Values identification and reinforcement
  • Rightsizing, downsizing, and termination strategies


  • Board and senior staff facilitations
  • New leader assimilation
  • Polarity thinking
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Photo of Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Cultural, Museums, Zoos, & Aquariums Contact: Julia Joseph
300 East Joppa Road Baltimore MD 21286 Work Phone: (410) 688-9141 Website: Whiting-Turner

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Whiting-Turner has managed construction in the cultural industry for decades. We have completed projects across the nation for museums, zoos, and aquariums, religious facilities, performing arts, libraries, and community centers. We understand the complexities of working on these sensitive projects and bring the specific expertise to build high-quality, engaging establishments that enhance each guest’s experience.

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PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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