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Contact: Casey Gallagher
100 N 6th Street Federal Reserve Bank Building Philadelphia PA 19106 Work Phone: (215) 409-4260 Website: EwingCole

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EwingCole’s vision is to design places that elevate the human experience; our goal is to build a design culture that can transform the most common buildings and landscapes into meaningful experiences. We bring together research, creativity, and technology through a rigorous process to create places where people live, learn, heal, work, and play.

Galleries and exhibit spaces allow us to step into the past, interpret its meaning, and look to the future. Working directly with exhibit, we enable those stories to be told in new and meaningful ways, designing and planning spaces that allow for flexibility in showcasing various types of collections and accommodating different exhibit formats. From large institutions to small museums, we create transformative environments that educate and inspire, incorporating interactive displays, multimedia installations, and hands-on activities to engage visitors and enhance the learning experience.

In addition to the featured exhibits and collections, many of our museum designs include retail and food service spaces that are inspired by the museum’s mission and are informed by their environment and surroundings. We work closely with clients and expert consultants to create one-of-a-kind experiences based on data-driven decisions and increased opportunities for revenue generation, providing spaces for visitors to relax, socialize, and enjoy refreshments within the cultural complex.

Categories: Architecture, Design, Planning
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PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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