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Collection Facility Planning: Preparing for the Next Renovation with Jeffrey Weatherston.    October 29, 2019, 2:00 EDT

The very nature of collecting means ever-increasing demands on the facilities and equipment housing the collected materials and the need for ongoing and sustained planning to meet those demands. For most successful and active collecting institutions, over time, facilities become gradually more and more crowded and access to the collected material more and more challenging. Eventually the need to expand facilities becomes essential to continuing the important work of collecting the valuable materials required for research, education and cultural advancement. Whether that means a simple reorganization of space, major renovation, addition or a new building this webinar will provide an overview of the planning work needed before engaging in the design of new or improved facilities.

Considerations to be discussed include how to translate existing storage conditions into future storage need, how to address existing collection crowding and project collection growth and what is needed to facilitate access while developing an efficient storage system. Equally important is the understanding that a collection facility is not just about storage but also the spaces and tools needed to care for, research and access the collection materials. What is the impact of best practices in collection care, pest management, environment control and workflow on the organization of a collection facility? What are the spaces needed to accomplish the important tasks of curators, researchers, programmers, teachers and collection professionals in their work with collections? All of these will be explored in the course of this webinar.

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How to Change a Lightbulb: LED Lighting for Museums with Scott Rosenfeld, November 21,2019, 2:00 EST

The introduction of LEDs, and the subsequent phasing out of some incandescent lights, are forcing many museums to reevaluate how to light their collections. Thankfully LEDs can do a great job while saving energy and providing access to new and fantastic capabilities.

This webinar will demonstrate how light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emit light, describe methods for assessing the qualities of light and provide examples of how good lighting design can help provide a dynamic visitor experience while minimizing light’s harmful impact on collections. The talk will be richly illustrated with examples from exhibits at Smithsonian American Art Museums and include information that ranges from simple retrofits to advanced control systems.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Describe the similarities and differences between LED, incandescent and fluorescent light.
  • Discuss how to how to balance the display and preservation of art when using LED lighting.
  • Show how to access light and get started on choosing among different lighting systems.
  • Demonstrate how good light, and great collections, can create and inspire wonder.

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