Cornerstone: Museum Security

Museum security is a real issue on many fronts. We wonder how to protect our collection, our staff, and our data. But, where to start?

Join security specialists from the National Park Service and the Smithsonian Institution for a day-long workshop in Washington D.C. on the latest tips, tools, and information relating to museum security. The workshop will include sessions on risk assessment, operational security procedures, physical security hardware and electronic security systems, as well as security best practices in collection storage areas, and information technology security. 

RSVP required. 

Speakers: Joan Bacharach, Senior Curator, Museum Management Program, National Park Service; Michelle Schonzeit, Office of Law Enforcement, Security and Emergency Services, National Park Service; Doug Hall, Deputy Director, Office of Protection Services, Smithsonian Institution; Tony Baker, IT Security Specialist, Information Technology Security Office, National Park Service.

Register today at:

PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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