Potential Museum Donation

2 Twin Horsehair Beds circa 1900These 2 custom sized twin mahogany beds have been used in our family for over a 100 years.  They are in beautiful condition. The beds come apart where the footboard and headboard meet the metal supports through a hidden square bed bolt locking system.  They have horsehair mattresses, which currently sit on box springs.  The John Prince Elton family first used them in Waterbury, CT and with each generation have moved around New England.  The exact provenance is not known.  (size 41″ X 36″ X 80″)

For more information or to inquire further, please contact: Susan Cross at 617-733-4754 or via email smcrossnantkt@gmail.com.

PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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