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Contact: Joy Tahan Ruddell
Website: Home Page Website: Information Sheet-PDF Website: Customer Spotlight–Chinese Historical Society of America Website: Arts with Elders Article
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CatalogIt: Imagine Loving Your CMS

CatalogIt is a full featured, powerful, collaborative and intuitive software platform for all types of collections. CatalogIt empowers your museum to bring to life the story of things through the histories, creative processes, relationships and destinies of your objects and collections. As a cloud-based CMS, CatalogIt reduces administrative costs and empowers your staff/volunteers to collaborate simultaneously – securely viewing and editing your records anywhere, anytime, on mobile and desktop devices. Included with a subscription is the CatalogIt HUB, an easy web publishing platform for quickly and selectively publishing your collections making them publicly discoverable and searchable.

Categories: Collections Management Software
PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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