8th annual Yale Public History Institute

As museums and other cultural agencies expand their purview to include challenging historical issues like these, public historians confront difficult personal and professional issues. As new research techniques and technologies develop, as expertise is redefined and authority relocated, as the relationship of professionals to their publics is reshaped, the PHI offers public historians a brief “time out” from work pressures to discover where they and their colleagues stand on the important questions of our professional careers. The PHI will address the underlying problems of developing an inclusive public interpretation rooted both in careful scholarship and a responsiveness to diverse community interests and needs.

Through a series of discussion forums, participants will explore the making of public interpretive programs—in a wide range of media including exhibitions, media presentations, tours, podcasts, lecture and film series, etc.—from initiation to evaluation.

  • How do such programs fit the sponsoring institution’s mission?
  • With whose voice and authority do public historians speak?
  • How can we frame the overall interpretive cast of the program?
  • How can the interpretive program make effective use of the skills and ideas brought to it by its range of audiences?
  • How can we design the elements of the program so that they meet audience needs, interests, and learning styles?

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS: April 1, 2019. For more information visit:https://glc.yale.edu/Events/yale-public-history-institute

PO Box 4 Cooperstown, NY 13326


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