AASLH Call for Proposals

Museums and history sites have been ranked among America’s most trusted institutions in an age
where trust continues to erode and truth sometimes becomes murky. Our history organizations
maintain the trust if we continue to tell the truth. But what is truth when our work is based on
interpretation of the historical evidence and interpretations change? How do people know what to

We in the history field know that truth is based on an underlying complexity and on multiple
perspectives and sources. It is our responsibility to help our audiences to see that complexity and to
understand how we reach our conclusions based on solid historical research. It is also our
responsibility to provide a forum where people can come together to explore the complexity of the
past. We demonstrate our relevance to society when we dig into historical evidence, question its
validity and provide much-needed historical context in relation to contemporary issues that impact
the world around us.

Submissions due by December 8, 2017. For more info: http://blogs.aaslh.org/submit-a-session-for-aaslh-2018/

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