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Found in Collection: Navigating the Challenges of Undocumented Items

Monday, April 24th at 5 pm

This webinar will tackle the often-challenging question of what to do with items in your collection that lack proper documentation. We will cover the legal requirements for keeping such items, and what makes an item formally accessioned into your collection. We will provide insights and practical tips for managing items without proper documentation, and discuss best practices for ensuring that your collection is properly documented.

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Finding Aid Basics

Monday, May 15th at 5 pm

Despite its casual-sounding name, Finding Aids are subject to strict standards and play a crucial role in preserving and organizing historical information. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or simply interested in the field of archives and preservation, this webinar is perfect for you. Get a solid understanding of what Finding Aids are, why they’re important, and how they’re used.

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We have several webinars coming up this summer, including one on inclusive language in cataloging and another on student workers in the archives. The full list is here:

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